Shadrack, Inc. is a non-profit, multi-cultural organization devoted to furthering the work of artists of color.  Shadrack promotes, presents and preserves the efforts of creative artists who have made and are continuing to make contributions to American culture.  Past projects have concentrated on the work of artists of the African diaspora, but the work of any artist of color, i.e. non-white, will be considered in connection with the organization’s programming.

Shadrack’s past endeavors have included producing concerts, residencies, classroom activities and recordings, along with the ad hoc such as instrument replacement following Hurricane Sandy (a powerful storm that hit the New York area in 2012), and acting as an umbrella for other nonprofit groups to support shared goals.

Shadrack will continue to present and record new music, and to collect and preserve artistic work. 

Near-term goals include performance series featuring today’s great living jazz legends – many in their later years – and the recording of those performances to capture jazz at its most possible in-this-moment incarnation; and the ‘Recapture Project’ – intended to archive some of the innumerable hours of historic recordings made informally by musicians over the last 50 years, which currently reside in basements, on shelves and under couches, and which – without technical migration – will be lost.

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